All church websites serve two audiences. People looking for a new church home are the primary audience; existing congregants comprise a second (but also important) audience. Studies have confirmed that most people looking for a new church home decide where to go next Sunday morning based on what they find on the web. A study by Drew Goodmanson, pastor of Kaleo Church in San Diego, revealed that “77 percent of people attending church less than three months said the website was important in their decision to attend.”

Effective church websites clearly welcome visitors and serve them by answering common questions, such as: Where are you located? What time are Sunday services? How long does a service last? Do I need to dress up? Do you have Sunday School for my children? Where can I park? When this kind of information is packaged into a prominently displayed “I’m New” page, it is the second most-visited page on a church’s website (after the home page)…~ Drew Goodmanson