Websites aren’t just for businesses anymore. Whether your church is big or small, there are many ways churches benefit by having a website.

With a strong church website, you can:

Engage members. Use tools such as videos, photo galleries, event registration and prayer requests to keep your members engaged online.

Educate people about your church. Use the website to tell visitors what they can expect when they visit your church. Websites can offer audio and video podcasts of past sermons.

Answer frequently asked questions. Provide answers to questions from members, visitors and people searching for a church. These people may have questions about the church’s location, worship times, office hours, faith statements, classes and small groups.

Share events and ministry information. This information may prove valuable to church members and new people visiting your website. If events and happenings are mentioned during the service, they can also be posted on your website for anyone who missed the information.

People search online for churches in their towns. North America has more than 300 million Internet users. If your church is not online, you may be missing great opportunities. ~ Light and life Magazine